Around town

Wigtown harbour once the bustling centre of Wigtowns commerce

View from the harbour to town

Bladnoch bridge, once the site of shipbuilders and adjacent to the Bladnoch distillery, now the Bladnoch Visitors centre.

Wigtown town centre, a very busy place!

Wigtown town centre looking the other way, even busier!

Wigtown county buildings. This magnificent building has deteriorated badly over the years, however it is now being restored to its former glory. This is the former site of the tollbooth where the Wigtown martyrs were tried.

Wigtown church, a beautiful building with excellent stained glass windows. The Wigtown martyrs are buried here.

Carters Bookshop Wigtowns first bookshop established for several years now. An extensive range of books of all types.
The Old bank Book and antique shop also run by the Carter family, opened late 1997.
The Galloway Inn one of Wigtowns many excellent Inns and Hotels